Howdy All,

If one were to use mysql_unbuffered_query() instead of mysql_query(), are 
calls to mysql_free_result still needed? or valid? I'm asking because when 
I make this change in one of my scripts, mysql_free_result throws a 
warning: 'xxx'  is not a valid result resource... The application still 
runs fine, however. 

The manual says: 
"mysql_unbuffered_query() sends a SQL query query to MySQL, without fetching and 
buffering the result rows automatically, 
as mysql_query() does." 

Does this mean that from PHP's perspective, there only is an identifiable 
result resource when the result set is buffered? Because the rows of data 
are still being sent to PHP, albeit, one row at a time, right? But this 
apparently does not constitute a result resource. 

Can anyone enlighten me?



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