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> I have some procedural code that i'm wanting to convert into classes(and
> i'm a bit greeen to OOP), hopefully to offer them to the PHP community.
> keep all my config data in arrays of arrays, which i'd like to keep when
> move to a class model, but can't seem to find out the correct defintion
> syntax.
> for example, here is a portion of the array storing connection info to a
> mssql db(keeping it in db land)
> $srvr['etime'] = array();
> $srvr['etime']['server']            = '';
> $srvr['etime']['db']          = 'dbmaster';
> $srvr['etime']['user']              = 'uname';
> $srvr['etime']['pass']              = 'pword';
> $srvr['etime']['title']       = 'eTime';
> $srvr['etime']['dfltch']            = 'N';
> $srvr['etime']['optional']          = false;

>> var $srvr = array('etime' => array('server' => '',
>>                                                 'db' => 'dbmaster',
>>                                                 etc.),
>>                         'atime' => 'a value');

oh okay, thanks.  thats what i needed.

>> BTW, this looks like DB abstraction data. Have you looked into PEAR
>> DB, MDB, DB_DataObject, etc?

Its actually not DB Abstration data( i do use ADODB for that ).  This is
one db server and the rest of the servers in this code are ldap and ssh
connections to other servers(*nix and NT), but i wanted to keep it
db-related, if only slightly.

Thanks Justin


> How would this need to be defined at the top of a class to taken on as a
> class variable/array.  Am i thinking of this wrong?
> I can add them all as scalar variables, but i'd rather work with arrays,
> i use the arrays to loop for other functions.  I've tried a variety of
> syntaxes, but keep getting parse errors.
> thanks for any info you can provide.
> Jeff
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