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Subject: [PHP-DB] Date problem: data is current as of yesterday

The database queries all the sources at night after everyone has gone
home. That means the data was current as of yesterday. This little
snippet below returns yesterday's date, except that the first day of the
month returns "0" for the day. Now, I know why this is happening, but I
can't find out how to fix it (in VBA or SQL Server I would just say,
$today = getdate(); 
$month = $today['month'] ; 
$mday = $today['mday'] -1; 
$year = $today['year']; 
echo "Data is current  as of  <b>$month $mday, $year</b><br>";


The mktime() function is your friend for this kind of date arithmetic. For
example, this is one possible way to do what you want:

  $yesterday = mktime(12, 0, 0, $today['mon'], $today['mday']-1,
  echo "Data is current as of <b>".date("F j, Y", $yesterday);

(Note the use of time 12:00:00 to avoid daylight savings oddities!)

The examples on the date() and mktime() manual pages may suggest other
possibilities to you.



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