In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Torsten Roehr wrote:
> Add an int field oca to your table. Increment this value on every update.
> When someone edits a row, read the value and put it into a hidden field.
> Then on update check for condition WHERE oca = $ocaFromHiddenField AND id =
> $id etc. Check the affected rows of your update. If it is 0 someone else has
> updated between the start and end of your editing (because oca will have
> been incremented). Then tell your user that someone has just made a change
> to the record set he is editing and he should abort and start again.

update 'rows you would update anyway' and 'oca=oca+1' where 'regular stuff'
and 'oca=$ocaFromHiddenField'

If you don't update the 'rows you would update anyway' and 'oca=oca+1'
at the same time you run again into concurrency problems. 

Tim Van Wassenhove <>

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