Hey Everyone,
I can use some help here.... I have query where one can selects an "style" then a "area" and finally "rating" through a drop menu. When some selects a rating they select a range of ratings. For example:

Style:  Traditional
Area:  Yosemite
Rating: From: 5.5 To: 5.10c

This should pull up all the rock climbs that are in Yosemite, that are traditional style and are between the rating 5.5 to 5.10c. Here is my query:

"SELECT * FROM routes, users WHERE area='$area' AND style='$style' BETWEEN rating='[$rating1]' AND rating='[$rating2]' GROUP BY route ORDER BY rating ASC ";

For some reason which I am not seeing, this query is not doing what it should be doing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, Craig

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