mssql_init() is a function used to initialize stored procedures and it was
introduced inphp 4.1.0 (according to the docs). The versions you are
listing for both PHP and FreeTDS are very old so I would suggest updating
these first.

- Frank

> "Damien Babilon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > the mssql_connect function work right, but php give me back this
> when I try mssql_init:
> > Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mssql_init() in
> /var/www/eurogsmtest/test.php on line XX
> Shouldn't you use mssql_init() in a mssql query, not in the body of the
> script?
> I can't say that this works, but I'd go for something like:
> $link = mssql_connect; // This sets up your SQL link.
> $sql = "mssql_init()"; // This is the SQL command you'd like PHP to run
> you
> $result = mssql_query($sql, $link); // If $result = FALSE, there was a
> problem. Otherwise, it worked.
> -P
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