You basically have the idea:

-Students are matched to Host Families (We have Students, but we do not
have Host Families)
-It does not matter how many holds a Coordinator has.  They can have
zero. It is to there discretion.
-Coordinators pick students to place.

It is fairly involved.  But I have the rest worked out.  I just don't
feel right about this hold table. 

Justin Palmer

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Hold refers to the period of time when a student is waiting to be
matched with a host family.

- You have three groups:  students, coordinators, and host families.
- Coordinators match students with host families.
- Students go through different stages of processing.

The goals are to:

- provide each host family with a student
- keep each coordinator busy with three students
- make sure each student has a coordinator
- make sure students don't get stuck indefinitely in any particular

Basically, this can end up being a fairly involved project...

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> Could I get a plain-language explanation of the process of a 'hold'?  
> I'm not entirely clear what is happening, and what an 'expiry' means 
> in the context of the hold and what a '#1 position' would represent 
> for a student.

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