I have a HTML form with 2 select boxes, lets say students and courses. When
the from loads for the first time, I fill the students select box with data
from database. The courses selectbox remains empty.
When the user selects a value from the students selectbox (onchange event),
I should go to the db to reterive the courses for the selected student and
fill the courses selectbaox. I found it very complicated to do the
interaction between javascript and php: apparently, I have to submit the
from for the selected student id to be passed as a parameter to php (so that
php can access the db with the student id and retrieve his courses), and at
the same time I want the form to stay with the list of students, and the
selected student. This should not be that hard, should it?! this is
something trivial, I hope?
I also tried using cookies, with no success.
If someone knows how to do that, please let me know.

Best Regards,
G. Cohen

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