Since I migrated to the PHP 4.3.7 I have a major warning problem which
appears from time to time and I cannot find the message explanation or a fix
to this issue with both old tables and new created tables.

The error message is:

[19-Jul-2004 20:00:27] PHP Warning:  mysql_query(): Your query requires a
full tablescan (table table_name, 10 rows affected). Use EXPLAIN to optimize
your query. in d:\www\teste\client120\villen.php on line 23

I thought that there is a problem with the keys so I start optimizing the
tables and the indexes but now it appears also in just created databases
with a single table and a single record manually inserted using the

I searched this problem on the Google and from the 550 records reported
(actually the real number is smaller) 99,99% of the messages seems to be
pages affected by this problem. The only "relevant" search result is here:
http://www.manucorp.com/archives/php-cvs/200211/msg00300.php and explain
that someone added there new functionalities into the PHP cvs back in 2002:

Added new functionality:
        Warnings for table/index scans
        Warnings for SQL-Errors
        Warnings for non free result sets

but I don't know which is the exact issue of my tables. It appears that
after the recordset is extracted from the database a check against row[1]
(?!) which should contain the ALL string or the INDEX string is made but in
my case the check fails and I have this error.

I know that I can disable this warning through the php.ini
"mysql.trace_mode" but this is not solving the problem.

Please give me some hints to know what is happening.

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