> John Holmes wrote:
> Gilmore, Corey (DPC) wrote:
> > Is anyone familiar with what would cause an error like this:
> > Warning: Statement isn't valid anymore in includes\import.inc.php on
> > line 810
> 1. Which line is 810? That's going to really help someone determine why 
> you may be getting this warning.

if( !$stmt->bind_param("sssd", $addr->PhoneType, $addr->Phone, $addr->Extension, 
$ContactID ) ) {

> 2. This is a warning, not an error. While annoying, it really can be 
> ignored if the program actually works correctly. The warning can be 
> hidden by using an appropriate error_reporing() level.
Unfortunately it doesn't work, somewhere between my successful call to 
mysqli->prepare() and bind_param my statement object is (apparantly) destroyed, and 
nothing is actually inserted.

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