The query is false, because if you loook what an OR do this give :

false OR false => false
true OR false => true
false OR true => true
true OR true => true

So when your request find Argentina It is false, but when it looks the next statement 
and check if country is different of Mexico this is true, so following the OR table, 
the statement is true, so it is printed.

I think you can fix this by using a NOT stament and inverting your WHERE parameters.

and changes your request to 

SELECT country
FROM reech_leed_tool
WHERE NOT(country = 'Argentina' OR country = 'Mexico' ....)

So if we got one of the country you did not want to be printed the statement within 
the NOT is true, so by inverting it it become false and so not printed; and if the 
country of the line that is checked did not have a country WITHIN the condition.

That should fix your problem, even if I'm quite sure there is a better way.


Aurelien Vandoorine

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Instead of using != in your statement, try using <>. I looked in my copy of
the MySQL Manual and it shows both != and <> for the not equal concept, but
the examples given only show the <> format used.

Not sure if it'll solve the problem, but it's the first thing I'd try.


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> Hi there...
> I'm trying to select all records from a MySQL database, and 
> exclude those 
> from certain countries...
> I've posted a copy of an SQL statement I've got that I'm using in 
> And as you can see, I've said not to pick Argentina, but 
> there it is???
> What first year mistake am I making?
> See image below:
> http://www.risk.sungard.com/sql.gif
> Tris...
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