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ok, i added the sleep() function in my page. what i'm basically doing is :-

i have a .php page where people log-in from. from there i send the form to
another .php page that actually checks the login and registers a session
with the username and password as session variables. then on the page that
actually does the validation, i have something that says : validating
login... sleep 1 funtion. then, i have another line that says validation
successfull... sleep 1 function and then i have another line that says
redirecting... with sleep 1 function and then header redirects to the actual
logged-in.php file. the redirect and validation works perfectly as well as
the sleep functions, but it now doesn't display the validating login... blah
blah blah stuff which is done in normal html code...

You are very confused. Read the manual page on header(). You can't have any output before you try to redirect with a header().

If you're trying to implement some sort of brute force protection by using sleep(), you're using it in the wrong method, anyhow. Your login processing script should sleep for a second or two whether the login is correct or not and it should be the first thing that it does (i.e. before any output or redirection). If you only sleep() on failures and redirect on good logins, brute force methods can pick up on that and adjust their methods to get around the wait time.

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