These two tables do not have a relation, so there is nothing to join.

Basically, what I'm trying to is this:
Users need to score elements. The elements are assoicatied with standards.
A standard may have 1 to 29 elements associated with it.

For users to score the elements they need to see the criteria for that particular 

Thanks for the help though.

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On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 16:29:37 -0400, Brock Jimmy D Contr 74 MDSS/SGSI
> My query is returning duplicates rows.
> table: elements
> elementId
> standardId
> elementtext
> category
> mcode
> linenum
> table: scores
> scoreId
> taskId
> scores
> Here's my query:
> SELECT distinct elementtext,cateogy,mcode,linenum,scores,scoreId
> FROM elements, scores
> WHERE scores.taskId='12'
> AND elements.standardId='APR.05'
> This is returning duplicate rows, even though I'm using the DISTINCT
> If I remove the field scoreId it is fine.
> Any suggestions?

Should you perhaps be doing some kind of ON clause to that join? It's
joining every record in elements with every element in scores. You
need to tell it what fields to join on.

Also, doing a distinct on that many fields at once could be very
expensive. Better tp refine your query or data model.

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