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Answer to your question inline below.

On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 08:47:08 +1000,  <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to run a query on a table while joining it with other tables.
> Table 1- members
> id - firstname - middlename - ....- country - region3
> Fields country and region3 hold the integer codes for country and region3 is state
> Table 2- country
> id - countryname
> Countryname is where the actual Country name is stored and id is the country code
> Similarly Table 3 - region3
> id - region3 where region3 is the state name and id is the region code.
> I perform the following query to search the names in the database but the result 
> only gives me the integer values for Country and Region3. That's because, the code 
> is only stored in the database. But I need to join the table 2&3 with 1 so I can 
> extract names of country or region3 rather than integer values.
> How would I modify the query below?
> $keywords are the search words.

You want a JOIN, obviously. I'm assuming you're using Mysql. If you
aren't, you may need a different syntax.

> $query = "
>        SELECT id, firstname, familyname, middlename, fathername, region3, region4, 
> country,


>           MATCH(firstname, middlename, familyname, fathername) AGAINST ('$keywords' 
>           FROM members

LEFT JOIN country ON members.country = country.id

>        WHERE MATCH(firstname, middlename, familyname, fathername) AGAINST 
> ('$keywords' IN BOOLEAN MODE) ORDER BY score DESC";

And do the same kind of thing for region3.

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