Hello Philip,

    pse.. can you paste the error information?
    There is no known "empty set" problem.

Best regards,
PT> Hi all.

PT> I am querying a database of single information multiple times using a 
PT> simple 'select' statement. However, whenever the data in the DB is 
PT> empty or is 0 (zero), then it throws an error. However, I don't want it 
PT> to throw an error, I just want it to move on to the next query.

PT> This is being shown on a webpage I have. Note that I am using a 
PT> function for this select statement because I just have to change the 
PT> identifier that I am looking for - saves space. So I don't use 
PT> mysql_error() to show my errors, I redirect to a global 'error' page.

PT> Is there a way to get around this "empty set" problem? Yes, I know 
PT> about using @ to suppress warnings, but it's more than this.

PT> Thanks a bunch,
PT> ~Philip

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