Is there a way to force dbx_connect() to create a new connection to a mysql 

The reason I ask is that I want to be able to use transactions with mysql 
Innodb tables, but from the notes in the php mysql function documentation, 
it appears that if two php scripts begin a transaction over the same mysql 
connection and one of the scripts rolls back a transaction, both of the 
transactions will be rolled back.

The documentation notes suggest the only way to avoid this is by creating a 
unique database connection for each transaction and that the 'new_link' 
parameter must be used in mysql_connect, otherwise an existing connection to 
the same host and database with the same username and password will be 

I am using the dbx database functions because I attempting to develop a php 
application that can run with mysql, mssql, or oracle as the database 
without requiring seperate blocks of code for each database type. I'm not 
interested in using either the adodb or pear db functions.



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