Sorry for my mistake, I need reports based on information stored in a mysql database,
I need an easy way to produce tipical reports with header, footer and several detail groups
I dont need graphics, only a functional way to generate the reports storing them in
fact I'm asking if is there any tool with a GUI to generate reports from a mysql in an easy way,
perhaps creating an XML and the XSL asociated so its easy to create customizable HTML
reports, my problem is that I need to build a lot of different reports and Im looking for a way to do this
in a faster way, Im not an expert in PHP but in Java there many packages to do this like datavision o jasperreports

thanks in advance CArlos

Mikhail U. Petrov wrote:

First, describe more details about reports such you need.
Second, please, do not start new topics by replying on existing. It breaks strukture of mailing list and makes view of topics complicated.
Carlos Merino wrote:

Is there any product to create reports in an easy way like Crystal Reports or Access?
I want to create a report that can be stored in XML and I want to insert this reports
to be web available. Advices??

thanks in advance


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