I have ERwin 4.1.2208 installed, and it connects to MySQL only through 
ODBC, so one needs to have the MyODBC.dll installed. You can then make an 
ODBC connection with it. But ERwin is probably a $4,000.00 software 
package. Pretty steep for an individual...


> May be ERwin or BPwin can help you.
> imho ERwin works with MSSQL, Access, so maybe new versions work with 
> MySQL too.
> Vincent Jordan wrote:

>> Is there a piece of software that will allow my to create MySQL
>> databases and table relations in a graphical format without having to
>> connect to the database?
>> I am looking for something where I can "point and click" the creation 
>> tables and easily create several relationships between tables ( kinda
>> like in access ) and when in done it will create the .sql file?

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