"Vincent Jordan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> We have to process almost the same information via email several times a
> for customers to get items repaired. I would like to reply to their email
> with a .htm page containing a fill in form, on form action it will send an
> email.
> I have the form and page created, all is almost working. Im having
> with the mailto syntax. What I would like is just the values of the fileds
> to print on the return mail with out the field names. Keep in mind this
> page will be sent to them in an email so all they have to do is fill in
> form, hit submit and it will create a new message to be sent.

Hi Vincent,

wouldn't it be easier to point the form (action) to a web script that will
then email the values to wherever it needs to be sent? This would require
one less step from the user.

Regards, Torsten Roehr

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