On Fri, 30 Jul 2004 23:25:57 -0400, Chris Payne
> Hi there everyone,
> I'm new to JOINS and have followed some info in the MySQL manual but I'm at
> a loss, using the code I'll paste below, I get each result 4 times and I am
> confused as to why?  Basically I'm trying to display ALL fields from the
> vendorprices table, and grab just the Description column from the fooditems
> table, the factor which joins them both is the string $VendorID which in the
> vendorprices table is VendorNumber and in the fooditems table is
> CategoryNumber.
> $sql = "SELECT * FROM vendorprices LEFT JOIN fooditems on
> (vendorprices.VendorNumber = fooditems.CategoryNumber AND
> fooditems.CategoryNumber = '$VendorID') WHERE
> vendorprices.VendorNumber='$VendorID' AND
> fooditems.CategoryNumber='$VendorID'";
> Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?  This is driving me nuts and I need to
> figure it out urgently.

You should / can only join ON columns. You're putting
"fooditems.CategoryNumber='$VendorID'" twice, you only need / should
have it in the WHERE clause.

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