>I wrote this, $message is not displaying. What am I doing wrong??

Nevermind. I forgot to add method="post" to the html page.

I have gotten it to work however I would like to add some formatting to
the email. Sent. I currently have:

$message = "$firstname $lastname .....";
mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "RMA Request", $message);

I have tried to add some html such as "<strong>$firstname $lastname
</strong>......."; however when I do this there is nothing displated in
the email message. 

I have also tried $message = echo "<strong>$firstname $lastname
</strong>......."; and got errors.

So then I figured I would try a function. And tried this:
Function prtmsg() {
echo "<strong>$firstname $lastname </strong>.......";
$message = prtmsg();

and again I get a bland email returned. Could someone kindly point out
what im missing?

Thanks Vinny

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