Hello everyone,

I'm developing a "community system", that has things like members, roles,
events, etc.  Currently everything is in multiple tables of a single MySQL
database.  It looks something like this...


Communities - community_id PK, other_info
Members - member_id PK, other info
Roles - member_id FK, community_id FK
Events - event_id PK, community_id FK


Etc.  There are about 25 tables total.

It's been recommended to me that putting each community in it's own
databases would be better.  Something like this:


Communities - community_id



Members - member_id PK, other info
Roles - member_id FK
Events - event_id PK


So.... Now I'm trying to figure out if it really would be better or not, and
that's what I'm asking for your help with.  Here are some of the pros and
cons, as I see them:

Less chance of database corruption bringing down all communities
Possibility of more security
Possibility of more customization

More difficult to administer
Difficult to upgrade the system
More difficult to inter-relate the communities/members
More server load (??? - Using PEAR, I think each separate database would be
a separate connection)

Would the answers to this question be any different if I were using
PostgreSQL, MSSQL or DB2?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.


Paul Burney

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