On Tuesday 03 August 2004 15:34, Lester Caine wrote:

> > It depends on your needs. For simple storage of data (involving few
> > relationships) then MySQL is more than sufficient and a tried and tested
> > solution. This probably covers the vast majority of the data storage
> > needs of web apps. No sense in going for a DB with features you're never
> > ever going to use and is probably slower to boot.
> Ever tried?

What? To use features that I'm never ever going to use? Or?

> I have always used Interbase and now Firebird. It has useful things like
> triggers and stored procedures. These are implemented in the database
> engine, so do not need all the miles of additional code I find in many
> MySQL examples that are provided.

If your app can benefit from triggers and stored procedures then, yes, 
Firebird might be a good choice for you. But try selling the advantges of 
Firebird over MySQL to someone who just wants a simple database to store data 
for their guestbook.

Just because someone wants MySQL it doesn't automatically make them a lemming. 
Their rationale for using MySQL could include:

 - MySQL being adequate for their needs
 - An app they want to use only supports MySQL
 - Their host only supports MySQL

> SQLite is a different matter and the obvious new base for beginners, but
> for real applications ...

Use Postgresql!

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