On Tuesday 03 August 2004 09:02 am, Robert Twitty wrote:
> The odbtp extension has be used quite successfully with DB2.  You can get
> it at http://odbtp.sourceforge.net. I have not personnally used it with
> DB2, but there are posts on odbtp's help forum pertaining to DB2.
> -- bob
> On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Javier Mestre wrote:
> > Any example how to use CLOB,BLOB fields with PHP under Windows and DB2 ?
> >

I use Robert's odbtp extension with DB2, with CLOB columns
without any problems (haven't tried BLOB), on my dev box.
There aren't any hoops to jump through, like when using php's native odbc 
Granted I've only used it on a dev box, and not in production, means that I 
can say if it (odbtp) will handle all situations with BLOB/CLOB, so any 
experiences that you can provide would be great (that is if you run into 
any ;))...

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