Hello Mitch,

    1) Have you tried doing "SHOW SOURCE" in your browser?
    2) Take a look at: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.error-reporting.php

    Good luck!

M> Here is the basic scenario:

M> - Configuration data is gathered from Oracle servers then ftp'd to my
M> apache / mysql server.

M> - The apache / mysql server receives the datafile from the Oracle
M> clients and loads the data into a MySQL database.

M> - The webpages are coded using PHP, SQL, and some JavaScript.

M> Now here is where it gets weird....

M> - When the data is displayed (pages are based upon the configuration
M> of each Oracle <server-name>+<database-instance-name>, some times the
M> data displays other times the page is simply blank?  It is only for a
M> few out of the many that we have in the MySQL database.  It is always
M> the same ones with the problem.  Re-loading the data for those problem
M> <server-name>+<database-instance-name> does not fix it.

M> Anyone see this before?   Could it be a special character that the web
M> browser cannot handle?   I am at a loss on this one.

M> Any advice on the problem and how to trouble shoot would be
M> appreciated!   Mitch

Best regards,

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