Could someone confirm or deny this? I'm running php5.0.0 with mysqli extention as a Apache2 module on a Windows XP box. I've tested the database by querying it with mysqli (procedural) and results are coming back just fine. This makes me believe that the mysqli-extention is working properly.

Running this code (see below), you would expect an output like "xconstructorytest" however, I'm getting "xy" (the private variable $somevar isn't set and/or read). No reported errors or warnings.

Changing the line that says

 class database_foobar extends mysqli
 class database_foobar

gets me the expected result of "xconstructorytest". Somehow, making the class an extention of mysqli, seems to interfere with calling the $somevar variable.

Can anyone confirm this, or explain this behaviour to me?


        Guus der Kinderen

// ************ php code ***********


class database_foobar extends mysqli

        private $somevar;

        function database_foobar()
                $this->somevar = "constructor";
                echo "x";
                echo $this->somevar;

        function test()
                $this->somevar = "test";
                echo "y";
                echo $this->somevar;

$foo = new database_foobar();

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