Interesting & v. practical & absolutely great ...
Joe Celko   SQL for Smarties :Advanced SQL Programming  ISBN 1-55860-323-9
(or almost anything by him on SQL.)

A little more basic
Bowman, Emerson & Darnovsky    The Practical SQL Handbook  ISBN 0-201-44787-8

I don't know whether these are still in print; they are both v. good and quite product-neutral references. Joe Celko also had a web site with a collection of articles he'd written for various magazines, don't know if it's still up..

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 08:46 PM 8/10/2004, Ross Honniball wrote:
Anyone recommend any really good books for beginner/intermediate using sql hoping to improve sql skills?
. Ross Honniball. JCU Bookshop Cairns, Qld, Australia.

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