I know this is probably the noobiest of questions but please help.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in 
.. on line 112

This occurs when I try to access a MySQL application, specifically Invision 
Power Boards.

I have PHP5 installed on my Apache 1.3.31, and I believe that my MySQL is 
MySQL4, all this on Windows XP personal. 

My php.ini file is in my systemroot (C:/windows). Currently I have no loaded 
extensions for MySQL/php connections stuff (ex: php_mysql.dll, 
php_mysqli.dll). I tried some stuff I found on help boards but everything 
just got all messed 
up, so I thought I'd get more official help. 

I have all of the php .DLL files that came with the zip file in 
C:/windows/system32. PHP-mysql.DLL and php_mysqli.dll are in both system32 
and just 

When I run phpinfo() I get no mention of MySQL. MySQL itself connects to the 
MySQL server just fine. I think that's everything.

Thanks in advance.

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