After connecting to a database I execute the following code. I never get a
file created on the computer that is logging in. At the top of the code I do
have ob_start(); and ob_end_flush(); 


If I go to other web sites I get there cookies file.




setcookie("logged_in", 1, time()+300, "/");

setcookie("username", $username, time()+300, "/");

setcookie("password", $password, time()+300, "/");

setcookie("line",     $line, time()+300, "/");

setcookie("type",     $type, time()+300, "/");

setcookie("account",  $account, time()+300, "/");

setcookie("dealer",   $dealer, time()+300, "/");




Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated !


Larry Sandwick

Sarreid, Ltd.

Network/System Administrator

phone: (252) 291-1414 x223

fax      : (252) 237-1592



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