On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Gerard Samuel wrote:

> Robert Twitty wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Is anyone using PHP to connect to an IBM DB2 database?  The reason why I
> > am asking is becaouse I want to see if the odbtp extension can be used to
> > successfully prepare and execute DB2 stored procedures.  So far, ODBTP
> > performs quite well with IBM DB2 in regards to regular queries.
> >
> I've never used stored procedures before, but if you have example code
> on hand, I can give it a shot...
Unfortunately, I do not have access to an IDM DB2 database, so I don't
have any examples of my own.  However, after "Googling", I have discovered
that creating DB2 stored procedures is a bit more complex than that of
other databases, like SQL Server and Oracle. It appears that DB2 stored
procedures are implemented as external shared libraries, i.e., DLLs. The
examples that I found were written in C. So, testing ODBTP with DB2
stored procedures may be beyond the call of duty.

-- bob

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