This ain't exactly db related, but if you do a "View Source" on your page what do you see for the button's submit? If it's PHP script then you have a configuration problem. You should not see PHP in the browser.

Set up a file called phpinfo.php which contains one line: <? phpinfo(); ?> and call it from your browser. If your configuration is correct you will see pages of information on your setup and configuration.

If not, then it's back to the installation section of the fine manual.

Regards - Miles Thompson

PS Remember, PHP executes SERVER side, not client side. Don't treat it like JavaScript. /mt

At 03:05 PM 8/20/2004, Jasper Howard wrote:
yeah, sounds like you aren't setting anything in the apache config to pharse
the php script with the php engine.
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> When I have a html page with an embedded php method behind a button, when
I click the button I can't run the PHP, instead my browser pops up a dialog
box with a request a file download of my PHP script.
> Also, when I run a php in my browser either nothing happens or I get the
file load.

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