I have begun to create a Christian Ministry Directory.  It is on the
ministry web site I am building at
http://www.actsministries.org/ministrydirectory/ .

One of the problems I am now having is if the user types an ' into their
entry --- these ones do not get saved into the mySQL database.

The line of code that inserts into the mySQL database matches the web site
fields ---

INSERT INTO ministrydirectory VALUES ('$ministry_name', '$address_line_1',
'$address_line_2', '$city', '$province_state_county', '$country',
'$postal_zip_code', '$phone', '$fax', '$web_site', '$e_mail',

I can look at this and understand that if an ' is keyed why it wouldn't save
and that line would create an error --- How do you work around this?


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