Hi all,
I am new to php, but i found alot of tutorials on internet.
I am trying to build a kind of web based reports system. i have oralce 8i and i want 
to use php, i have the following questions:
1-i noticed some examples use OCI and some ORA, which is better for me...currently i 
am using 8i but i will be moving to 9i, and all my sql statement will be select except 
for cases i will update a table.
2-i am currently testing with php5+apache2 on winxp`and trying to connect a remote DB, 
i got errors saying like ora_logon not defined...checked with internet ..i found that 
i have to install oracle client on my machine...is there is other way instead of 
installing the client...and after finishing testing.i am planning to run php5+apache2 
on FC2, do i need to install the clinet also for linux

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