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However, I want output page to print,url with link to website, With present script, its printing web address in table, however, onclick it doesn't take me to website.

Any guidance, so that onclick, its takes, to website in "webaddress" column,

How do you normally make a link in HTML? Do you know the format for that? Say you wanted to link to the website www.php.net, you'd do something like this:

<a href="http://www.php.net";>Click Here</a>

Right? Now, let's create the same thing from PHP:

echo "<a href=\"http://www.php.net\";>Click here</a>";

Following? Now, instead of having "http://www.php.net"; you have $webaddress, a PHP variable. How do you think it would work if you wanted to link to $webaddress, no matter what it's value is?

echo "<a href=\"$webaddress\">Click Here</a>";

Still following? Now, you want to display the address instead of "clicke here", right??

echo "<a href=\"$webaddress\">$webaddress</a>";

Still following? I hope so. If not, you need to find an HTML mailing list, if such a horrible thing exists... Good luck with creating URLs in the future.


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