Hi again.

Ths time, the help I need is on making rows with more than 2 columns with checkboxes.

The output would look something like:

      Accident & Emergency Equipment     8.6 Electrocardiography & accessories    x    
12.8 Incontinence & stoma aids            x
1.1 Ambulances & rescue vehicle     x      8.7 Electrosurgical instruments             
    x     12.9 Infusion sets                                    x
1.2 First aid devices & equipment    x       8.8 Endoscopes & accessories              
  x     12.10 Papers & accessories                 x
1.3 Rescue equipment                       x       8.9 Imaging equipment               
                x    12.11 Surgical suture                               x

As I put the x, I meant the location of the checkboxes, and Accident & Emergency 
Equipment (bold & underlined) would be the title for items 1.1 till 1.4.

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