I am no database guru and I am also new to php/mysql

I want to be able to store data where one of the fields could have multiple
values which are stored in another table

eg. the first table is called family with a field called name which contains
family names
the second table is called members with a fiedl also called name which
contains first names
the third table is an intermediate table that only contains ids of the other
(the data is below)

By using inner joins I can get a list of all the people in the database (or
other variants eg. all the people with first names of Mary)

My first question is - is this the best way to do stuff like this?
My second question is - how do I insert new data? eg to insert Mary Stevens
(the first name Mary already exists)

I hope this all makes some sense



table - family
      id  name
      1 jones
      2 smith
      3 mcdonald
      4 talbot
      5 jackson

table - members
      id  name
      1 john
      2 mary
      3 ted
      4 sally
      5 bob
      6 jane

table - fammem
      famid  memid
      1 1
      1 3
      2 4
      5 4
      3 6
      4 1

SELECT * FROM family inner join fammem on family.id = fammem.famid inner
join members on fammem.memid  = members.id
      id  name  famid  memid  id  name
      1 jones 1 1 1 john
      1 jones 1 3 3 ted
      2 smith 2 4 4 sally
      3 mcdonald 3 6 6 jane
      4 talbot 4 1 1 john
      5 jackson 5 4 4 sally

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