I have attempted to use session_write_close() but it makes no
difference.  Thanks for your help.

Any other ideas I might be be able to try?

Upon doing a quick search using something like "$_SESSION second time" I
see that there are a number of others who seem to have similar problems,
and no solutions.

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Irm Jr wrote:

> Each page checks for a particular session variable, if it isn't set to

> a particular value, the intruder is kicked out to the login form and 
> asked to log in.
> The problem is this:
> On the production machine, even with a correct username and password 
> (i.e. a successful login), the user is ALWAYS kicked back out and 
> asked to log in.  However, typing exactly the same information a 
> second time allows the user right in.  You can tell that the first 
> attempt was successful because the script executes the header:Location

> .

Use session_write_close() before your header() redirection.


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