SQL Statement:

select *,@xtotal := StkhistMonthqty06 + StkhistMonthqty07 + StkhistMonthqty08 as total
from StkMast as sm inner join StkHist as sh using (STkCode)
where (StkAuthor like 'keller%')
and (sh.StkhistYear='2004')
and (@xtotal>0);

Notice the use of @xtotal.

I have saved some output from an instance where I ran this query and it worked as expected.

Subsequently it has stopped finding any results. (the table has definitly NOT changed).
If I take out the and (@xtotal>0) clause, it finds records (and, whatsmore, I can see that xtotal is indeed greater than zero.

Does anyone know of any erratic behaviour when using the assignment operator?

Or am I doing something wrong?

(Note that this is actually the first time I have ever used the assignment operator, so I'm pretty green really)
. Ross Honniball. JCU Bookshop Cairns, Qld, Australia.

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