Dear friends,

My form works on localhost and writes to mysql database with php script, 
when I use same form on server over the internet, it writes to mysql 
database, that means no connection problem,

however it gives me error stated below.

Guidance, please.

Notice: Use of undefined constant topic_owner - assumed 'topic_owner' in 
\\premfs15\sites\premium15\mrbpeace\webroot\do_addtopic.php on line 3

Notice: Use of undefined constant topic_title - assumed 'topic_title' in 
\\premfs15\sites\premium15\mrbpeace\webroot\do_addtopic.php on line 3

Notice: Use of undefined constant post_text - assumed 'post_text' in 
\\premfs15\sites\premium15\mrbpeace\webroot\do_addtopic.php on line 3

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at \\premfs15\sites\premium15\mrbushforpeace\webroot\do_addtopic.php:3) 
in \\premfs15\sites\premium15\mrbpeace\webroot\do_addtopic.php on line 4
code of php file
//check for required fields from the form
if ((!$_POST[topic_owner]) || (!$_POST[topic_title])|| (!$_POST[post_text])) {
    header("Location: addtopic.html");

//connect to server and select database
$conn = mysql_connect("", "mr", "p") or 
mysql_select_db("meace",$conn)  or die(mysql_error());

//create and issue the first query
$add_topic = "insert into forum_topics values ('', '$_POST[topic_title]', 
now(), '$_POST[topic_owner]')";
mysql_query($add_topic,$conn) or die(mysql_error());

//get the id of the last query
$topic_id = mysql_insert_id();

//create and issue the second query
$add_post = "insert into forum_posts values ('', 
'$topic_id','$_POST[post_text]', now(), '$_POST[topic_owner]')";
mysql_query($add_post,$conn) or die(mysql_error());

//create nice message for user
$msg = "<P>The <strong>$topic_title</strong> topic has been created.</p>";
<title>New Topic Added</title>
<h1>New Topic Added</h1>
<?php print $msg; ?>
Form code

include 'menufile.php';
<title>Add a Topic</title>
<h1>Add a Topic</h1>
<form method=post action="do_addtopic.php">
<p><strong>Your E-Mail Address:</strong><br>
<input type="text" name="topic_owner" size=40 maxlength=150>
<p><strong>Topic Title:</strong><br>
<input type="text" name="topic_title" size=30 maxlength=150>
<P><strong>Post Text:</strong><br>
<textarea name="post_text" rows=8 cols=30 wrap=virtual></textarea>
<P><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Add Topic"></p></center>

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