Dear Friends,
My form was working on localhost, without any error and was writing to 
database, however, now on server, over the internet, it does write to database, 
there is no problem of connection or writng to database.

Still it gives this shabby error.
Any Guidance, please.

Notice: Undefined index: pp in 
\\premfs15\sites\premium15\mrpeace\webroot\replytopost.php on line 7
Code of the script
//connect to server and select database; we'll need it soon
$conn = mysql_connect("", "mr", "p") or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db("mr",$conn)  or die(mysql_error());

//check to see if we're showing the form or adding the post
if ($_POST['pp'] != "addpost") {
   // showing the form; check for required item in query string
   if (!$_GET['post_id']) {
        header("Location: topiclist.php");

   //still have to verify topic and post
   $verify = "select ft.topic_id, ft.topic_title from forum_posts as fp left 
join forum_topics as ft on fp.topic_id = ft.topic_id where fp.post_id = 
   $verify_res = mysql_query($verify, $conn) or die(mysql_error());
   if (mysql_num_rows($verify_res) < 1) {
       //this post or topic does not exist
       header("Location: topiclist.php");
   } else {
       //get the topic id and title
       $topic_id = mysql_result($verify_res,0,'topic_id');
       $topic_title = stripslashes(mysql_result($verify_res, 

       print "
       <title>Post Your Reply in $topic_title</title>
       <h1>Post Your Reply in $topic_title</h1>
       <form method=post action=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]\">
       <p><strong>Your E-Mail Address:</strong><br>
       <input type=\"text\" name=\"post_owner\" size=40 maxlength=150>

       <P><strong>Post Text:</strong><br>
       <textarea name=\"post_text\" rows=8 cols=40 wrap=virtual></textarea>

       <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"op\" value=\"addpost\">
       <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"topic_id\" value=\"$topic_id\">

       <P><input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"Add Post\"></p>

} else if ($_POST[pp] == "addpost") {
   //check for required items from form
   if ((!$_POST['topic_id']) || (!$_POST['post_text']) || 
(!$_POST['post_owner'])) {
       header("Location: topiclist.php");

   //add the post
   $add_post = "insert into forum_posts values ('', '$_POST[topic_id]', 
'$_POST[post_text]', now(), '$_POST[post_owner]')";
   mysql_query($add_post,$conn) or die(mysql_error());

   //redirect user to topic


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