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> Howdy.
> The question: How commonly accepted and recommended are the PEAR packages DB and 
> DB_DataObject?  Anybody have some warnings or encouraging stories from projects done 
> with these php enhancement packs?
> I'm about to get started on a php and postgreSQL project that is starting from 
> scratch.  I'm relatively new to php, having only done code maintenance on other 
> projects while working in a variety of other development environments (mainly .asp.) 
>  So, I'd rather not waste time learning to use these tools if they aren't something 
> that other developers will be happy using as others are brought onto this project.

In general, PHP developers are happy to use PEAR classes as they are
well coded and (mostly) well documented. I use DB_DataObject quite a
bit and have run into very few problems. You can also submit a bug
report or ask for help on the PEAR-General list for more help
regarding them.

> Thanks for your thoughts and opinions,
> Bob S.

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