Mac users, please forgive such a Windows-centric question, but I need your help. And you can educate me in the process. I am helping a student of mine set up a development environment with php, mysql, and a webserver, and she uses a Mac. Are there any installation issues unique to mac that I should warn her about?

It makes a HUGE difference whether we're talking about OS 9 or OS X (10). I don't know if MySQL even runs on OS 9 and PHP does, but by purchasing the $500 WebTen. They both run on Mac OS X easily and installers are freely available (,,

Can you recommend a simple web server - she is brand new to server-side work and I am trying to make this as painless as possible. Usually I recommend that students use Xitami, but I don't believe it comes in a Mac flavor. Does the Mac OS come with a server, such as IIS on Windows? Does Apache work well with Mac? Is there anything simpler?

Mac OS X has Apache built in. The PHP installer available at works with that installation. Again, for OS 9, WebTen is the only solution I know of that can handle PHP.

And here's a question I've never thought about. If she installs MySQL on a Mac, and she wants to admin the server through a command line --- does Mac have a command line tool to work with? Typically, when you think command line you think of the old dos prompt. What does the Mac have that will give us command line access?

OS 9 does NOT have a command prompt but OS X does, accessible through Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

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