I wanted to also ask about how you would build a web site search engine with
php and mySQL.

I had thought of setting up a table with a few columns ---

one for the URL of the specific page (This could become a link when a match
is found for that page)
second with the page title --- used in displaying the search results
third with the plain text from the page --- for searching purposes

and then having one line of the table per web page on the site

Then setting up a PHP form that would search the text from the page and make
some type of matching results page for each entry that found the words the
user typed in.

Any other thoughts?  There is no compression this way,. but maybe there
doesn't need to be.  I don't know how to automate populating a table, but I
could use the cut / paste feature.

Any other thoughts?  I know how to do the above and the PHP commands to
use --- I wanted to ask before I got started for any tips instead of


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