I have a pressing problem with regards to printing.

My situation is as follows:
1) I have a form in a table format with the following headers:
    | No. | Date | Contents | Remarks |
2) the fields under "Contents" and "Remarks" are textareas to allow users to type as 
much as they want.
3) after submitting the form, user will click on a button that will activate 
window.print() to print the form
4) however, sometimes user types too much and the information spills over to two or 
more pages.
5) user thus wish to also have the headers of  the table repeated on the subsequent 

So, my problem is, how can I know when the information will be more than a page? is 
there a way in PHP to calculate the number of lines output and then I can force a 

please help me. thank you soo soo much!

hwee hwee

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