We'll I've got a query based on mysql_fetch_object to show the results of the previous 
search and print them out in tables. Then I got the the $grid idea for printing an 
array in a horizontally columned table from the book php cookbook from o'reilly (quite 
useful) then I print it all insed the grid, but when it is supposed to send the 
selected objects with a checkbox to the next page. It doesn't while everything works 
just fine without the grid. #sigh# I've tried to see what's the grid doing to my 
checkboxes that i the end they don't send anything at all bu i cant see what. Does 
while ($inb = mysql_fetch_object($resultInfs))
//trying to put it right --- values ---
if (!empty($inb->pix)) 
   $ipix="<img src='$inb->pix' width='200'><br>";
   } else {
     $ipix="<img src='notaval.gif' width='200'><br>";
  if (!empty($inb->infType)) {
  if (!empty($inb->infName)) {
  if (!empty($inb->infRef)) {
  if (!empty($inb->infMeas)) {
  if (!empty($inb->infSerial)) {
   $isr="<strong>SERIAL N°: $inb->infSerial</strong><br>";
  if (!empty($inb->infDescription)) {
   $ids="DETAILS: $inb->infDescription,<br>";
  if (!empty($inb->infArtw)) {
  if (!empty($inb->infCover)) {
  // T.T $value deosn't go as $_POST for orderdata.php!!!
  $value = $inb->infID;
//for function, hope as objects
$infs[ ] = $ipix.' '.$ity.' '.$inm.' '.$irf.' '.$ims.' '.$isr.' '.$ids.' '.$irt.' 
'.$irc.' '.$value;
///changes to function from phpckbk
function grid_horizontal($array, $size) {
    // compute <td> width %ages
    $table_width = 100;
    $width = intval($table_width / $size);
 $grid = "<table width=\"$table_width%\" border=\"1\" bordercolor=\"#0000FF\"><form 
action=\"orderdata.php\" method=\"POST\" name=\"details\">$tr";
 // define how our <tr> and <td> tags appear
    // sprintf() requires us to use %% to get literal %
    $tr = '<tr align="center">';
    $td = "<td width=\"$width%%\">%s<input name=\"$value\" type=\"checkbox\" 
value=\"$value\">Add to Cart!</td>";
    // open table
    // loop through entries and display in rows of size $sized
    // $i keeps track of when we need a new table tow
    $i = 0;
    foreach ($array as $e) {
        $grid .= sprintf($td, $e);
        // end of a row
        // close it up and open a new one
        if (!($i % $size)) {
            $grid .= "</tr>$tr";
    // pad out remaining cells with blanks
    while ($i % $size) {
        $grid .= sprintf($td, '&nbsp;');
    // add </tr>, if necessary
    $end_tr_len = strlen($tr) * -1;
    if (substr($grid, $end_tr_len) != $tr) {
        $grid .= '</tr>';
    } else {
        $grid = substr($grid, 0, $end_tr_len);
    // close table
    $grid .= '<input name="submit" type="submit" value="ORDER"></form></table>';
    return $grid;
//final results printing
$grid = grid_horizontal($infs, 3);
print $grid;
If the grid can not work with a sending to another php (that is with my checkboxes, 
how could i print them ordered then?

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