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John Lim wrote:
/abstract/ stuff. For example, ADOdb would completely fail to be portable accross databases where the case of the column names in result array changes (e.g. postgres always returns lowercase col names, Oracle always uppercase, MySQL returns mixed case, SQLite is configurable). This is one example of why some layers (like PEAR::[M]DB) may be slower.


This is incorrect. You can configure the case of the column names in ADOdb. See http://phplens.com/adodb/reference.constants.adodb_assoc_case.html

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Sorry about that. I certainly don't want to spread disinformation (!) Is this true for all the drivers ... ? E.g. I looked at the postgres64 driver and saw no case-changing code in the MoveNext() method; I didn't look at the other drivers after that, though.


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