John Holmes wrote:
Gerard Samuel wrote:

Looking for clarification...
Say that I have a user table and group table ->

-- user table --
id  username
1   foo

-- group table --
id  user_id  group_name
1   1        group_1
2   1        group_2

Would this be the proper way to construct a select statement for this -> select u.username, g.group_name from user u, group g where = g.user_id and = 1;

The results should look like this ->
username  group_name
foo       group 1
foo       group 2

What I would like to clarify, is if this is the proper (only) way to construct a one to many select statement?

I've always thought I was doing something illegal, since username is displayed more than once, and I would like to shake that thought
off my back.

Other than using "" and "" instead of "" (just typos, I'm sure),

Man, and I proof read the message before I sent it out. ;)

there's nothing really wrong with that query.


You can
do that join this way, though, which may be more "proper":

SELECT u.username, g.group_name FROM user u JOIN group g ON = WHERE = 1

Thanks for the tip...

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