Can you share some of your migration experiences?  Why did you migrate
to Oracle and what problems did you face?

Miscellaneous thoughts follow:

Regarding the error, search the bdump trace files for 3114 or other
ORA-xyz errors.  You may need to get Oracle Support involved if there
are any.

Your trace file dir seems huge.  The Administrator's guide has some
info about controlling the sizes:
Effectively you delete what you don't need.

Hopefully PHP5 will stabilize quickly.

I recall a stern warning in the PHP manual about not using Apache 2.
I can't find it currently - anyone know if it has been rescinded?

The troubleshooting FAQ mentions restarting Apache occasionally to
avoid connection problems.

I feel that the Oracle-PHP community needs to get together and work on
through the various connection issues.  Anyone want to participate?


D.Wilkening wrote:

we are not really trained in analyzing Oracle-logs. I've been using Mysql
and Mssql for years, but the migration was more difficult, than I thought.
In $ORACLE_HOME/admin/%database% I have Gigabytes of logs, so do not know,
where to start...
du -sch *
1.5G    bdump
166M    cdump
28K     create
8.0K    pfile
282K    udump
1.7G    total

well, for the apache-problem, I've found an "solution" (not the straight
way, but it seems to work so far):

using apache_child_terminate doesn't work (probably apache2 compiled
against nptl (linux kernel 2.6), apache_child_terminate doesn't work in an
multi-threaded env)
so I cought the php-error using set_error_handler. Inside of this
error-method, I did an "posix_kill(getmypid(),15);"
I know, I won't win the programmers Nobel-Prize for that crap, but it
works so far; dropped connections are reconnected.


Christopher Jones sagte:

D.Wilkening wrote:

Hi everyone,

i've a problem using php with oracle 10g.
(php 5.0.1 compiled against Oracle, apache2 and apache1)
One or two days, everything looks good. Then, by pressing (once a
reload in your browser, you sometimes get an
ERROR #: 2
ERROR DESC: oci_execute() [<a
href='function.oci-execute'>function.oci-execute</a>]: OCIStmtExecute:
ORA-03114: Nicht mit ORACLE verbunden

restarting apache solves the problem, but is no real option.
My first idea was the connection pooling, so i tried a ocilogon instead
ociPlogon, but the problem dodn't solve.

Any Ideas?

Thank you in advance

Are there any clues in the database trace files?


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