I am working on a script which takes a list of variables form a database. The problem i am currently having is some of the variables have other variables in the content , i.e. $temp="<h1>$title</h1>" (made up example), is something that might come out of the mysql.

$query=mysql_query("SELECT `code`,`varname` FROM `k_sys`");
$code=preg_replace("/--(\w+)--/","$$1",$code); // PROBLEM

is the current code, i'm setting off variables with a --, so if variables $title, is in the mysql, the above example would be <h1>--title--</h1> instead. When i do the above i would just get like $title as an output. I think its due to how mysql is storing the information, but a stripslashes didnt work. If anyone can help it'd be much appreciated.

Steve Mo'gan

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