Chris wrote:

Is row-level locking happening?
I think that the lock doesn t work

When are you checking the locks?
I am checking the lock with an SQLPLUS session

If i lock my table with SQLPLUS, PHP can make an select for update
But if i try to lock with PHP i can make an other select for update with
So my lock doesn t work

My locks work.

In SQL*Plus:
  select * from emp for update;

In a PHP script:
  $query = 'select * from emp for update nowait';
  $stid = OCIParse($conn, $query);
  $r = OCIExecute($stid, OCI_DEFAULT);

The output of the PHP script is:

  Warning: ociexecute(): OCIStmtExecute: ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with 
NOWAIT specified in c:\cj\test.php on line 25

This shows that the rows were locked and not available.

Calling the PHP script before the SQL*Plus script has different behaviour.
See :
  "If one doesn't commit or rollback at the end of a script, PHP will do an implicit 


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